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Engage your employees through good customer support

April 24, 2018

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Neil Hugh, Head of Customer and Workplace Strategy discusses the benefits of engaging employees through high quality customer services.

Your employees are enrolled and contributing into a qualifying pension. That’s a great first step towards helping them build a brighter future at retirement. Now it’s time to focus on engagement.

When it comes to engagement, often employers only think about pension communications as a way to educate and raise awareness. But good customer support is just as important. Support needs to be in place to help build trust with your employees; in some cases overcome a lack of trust and crucially to encourage them to increase their payments.

So making sure that your pension provider offers a high quality customer support should be high on your list of priorities and a key component in your employee engagement strategy. Good customer service means your employees will feel better supported and have an improved experience with their pension.

Customer expectations have changed a lot when it comes to customer support. Here’s what we know about customers:

Getting it right

A multi-channel customer service
At Standard Life, we adapt to the changing ways people want to interact with us and do our best to knock down barriers to engagement. We understand that most businesses have multi-generational workforces, so it’s important to cater for different needs and preferences. That’s why we make sure that employees can contact us in a range of ways.

Online servicing
Studies tell us that 67%5 of people prefer self-service to speaking to a customer service representative. It’s no surprise self-service support systems are so popular – people want to solve their problems quickly and get back to their lives. Through Standard Life’s online servicing, your employees can easily review and manage their pension online using their mobile, tablet or PC.

We also have a wide range of interactive tools designed to help them understand the different options available. Giving people the option to play around with different scenarios in the comfort of their own home, at a time that suits them, can really help them understand their options better.
And we’ve just introduced fingerprint recognition and Face ID for our mobile app on the iPhone X. So it’s even easier for your employees to get information about their pension anytime, anywhere.

Customer support is only a phone call away
But if it’s human contact your employees are looking for, we have a team of dedicated professionals on hand and ready to take the time to make sure they get the information they need first time.

We know how frustrating it can be to get transferred from one customer service representative to another, which is why we’ve introduced a call routing via voice recognition system. This aims to simplify the caller’s journey and help them reach the correct agent as quickly as possible.

Consistency for all
Last but not least, we work hard to ensure each of your employees receives the same quality experience with their pension, whether that’s online, on the move or over the phone.

The views expressed in this blog should not be regarded as financial advice.
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